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💞 Little Space 💞 Discord server has 34 members and was last bumped on our Discord server list 4 years ago. 💞 Little Space 💞 also has 0 emojis, 0 boosters and is located in the Eu West region.

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Find new Little emojis for your Discord Server. Upload Emoji. CLEAR. gif penguin miss emoji pony meme club mac png icon you a mlp my eye art girl bob ross rarity big planet bit ariel:littlemac: ... Add your Discord server to our list for FREE (Over 1 Million pageviews in ) Add Your ServerSitting on a hill, with a blanket spread out before us, we could have a little basket as is the classic way to do it, or just a bunch of containers of food as we set them up on the blanket. Things like celery with cheese whiz or peanut butter on them, peanut butter and jam sandwiches or cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches, juice boxes and apples …Find your discord server below. You are cordially invited to our CGL/DDLG Discord server! A NSFW 18+ Discord server for Caregivers and their littles! With customized channels and role based preferences for SFW and NSFW content de... CG+L server for making friends who are interested in the dynamic in some shape or form! 18+ and SAFE FOR WORK only!Discord Servers( 98) المولى المقدس. 7,223. Active-Development. Albania. +9. Very Friendly Server That Hosts Music, Talkshow And Interactive Event Shows, With Music Bots & Fun Bots To Hangout With. Gacha Content Creators ┊$10 NITRO GIVEAWAY + INSTANT Self • Promo ┊☁. 5. DISBOARD | Public Discord Server List

Search Discord servers by keywords or tags. DISBOARD Search. Servers Reviews. en. English ; Português (Portugal) Français ; ... safe-space (3704) politics (5843) emojis (4029) toxic (6229) amizade (4213) türk (5381) ... DISBOARD was made to …A Discord Server that does it all: A Minecraft Server on version 1.20. a book club, fun bots, and a great social hub that will meet all your needs! ... A new little space server for 15-25, aimed for systems and age regressions. It has channels for systems only and sections to chat to other littles and caregivers .

Common Sense Media also recommends that Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat. Because it's all user-generated, there's the potential for plenty of inappropriate content, like swearing and graphic language and images (though it's entirely possible to belong to a group that forbids these). Discord also has "NSFW" channels and servers ...dsmp. system-safe-space. little-safe-space. sfw server (no nsfw) safe for littles and systems !! myct/dsmp themed. List of Discord servers tagged with little-safe-space. Find and join some awesome servers listed here!

autism. autistic. neurodivergent. "Come for the autism, stay for the garlic". Autism 4 Adults is a discord server dedicated to a community of neurodivergent adults who want to associate and socialize with fellow adults. There can be a big divide between adults and minors on social media circles, and there are quite frankly very few spaces for ...Description. The first GameFi as a Service in the whole network. Through the SDK provided by Game Space, the game or APP of gaming companies can have the same blockchain function of StepN in as little as 7 days of development, including NFT distribution and trading.Click the above button to copy the blank character to your clipboard. This invisible text looks like a blank space, but actually this is a Unicode transparent character that can be used for any social media platform, website, and app. You can easily copy and paste this invisible symbol to use anywhere you want. It can be used to send a blank ...Join here or through our vanity! We are a SFW Agere server (13+) which provides a safe place to explore and regress into littlespace within a kind and like-minded community. We offer: 🐣~ A safe space for littles and ageres. 🐋~ A kind and accepting community. 💫~ System-friendly environment!List of Discord servers tagged with little-space. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! DISBOARD Search ServersReviews en English Português (Portugal) Français Español Türkçe Deutsch Italiano Nederlands Polski Čeština Norsk Dansk Svenska Русский Filipino 日本語 한국어 简体中文 繁體中文 Tiếng Việt हिन्दी اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ Login Home

The official Keen Software House Discord is home to Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers discussions! | 45900 members. The official Keen Software House Discord is home to Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers discussions! | 45900 members. You've been invited to join. Keen Software House. 14,887 Online. 45,900 Members. Display …

Search Discord servers by keywords or tags. DISBOARD Search. Servers Reviews. en. English ; Português (Portugal) Français ; ... safe-space (3704) politics (5843) emojis (4029) toxic (6229) amizade (4213) türk (5381) ... DISBOARD was made to …

Advertise your Discord server, and get more members for your awesome community! Come list your server, or find Discord servers to join on the oldest server listing for Discord! Find Little space find a cg servers you're interested in, and find new people to chat with! I've put a little bit of thought into it, but I don't think I will. For one thing: I've never used Discord before! I've never made an account or joined any servers (although I am contemplating making one, but idk).As another point, this blog technically doesn't have a DNI!★・・・‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Welcome to Little Space Adventurers ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙・・・★ • ⋅ Little Space Adventurers is a space themed age regression/cglre server created to make you feel welcome and at home! A new server! Join now to help us grow! Easy and self-assignable roles Chill, accepting and friendly community System bots available! Other fun bots Diligent and ...Public Little space Discord Servers! Find your discord server below 137 - ♡The Little Kingdom♡ This is a friendly and welcoming server for all ages as we try to spread as much as positivity and joy towards our community and each other! Little Space Server! Cheers Love! Tia loofs Space!! Own... Daddy Mommy Little 100 - regression Space111K subscribers in the littlespace community. An 18+ kink community for littles, middles, caregivers, and anyone interested in CGL or ABDL…It can be used for gaming, art, anime, and anthing else you'd like. ♡. Use Template. Listing Owner Witch's flower#8018. Creator Witch's flower#8018. Used 1,658 time (s) Gaming. Music. Media & Entertainment. Science & Tech.

TWH is a safe space for all. We are a agere server made for you to come have fun, make friends, and more! TWH is a completely SFW community that prioritizes in the safety of our members. ~We offer: 'A completely SFW community and otherwise is not tolerated! -littles, flips, cgs, petre, and supporters are welcome!1,220 Members. ACTIVE++ 175 4. Welcome to Wittle Playground, one of the largest CglRe/AgeRe servers on discord! ️ Founded by DashyWashy, we're one of the largest little's server on Discord. Support Server, LGBT+, Community. 0.Booster Perks include - You get the neat little Server Booster role ou can collect extra role income. You have access to the booster catagory as well as booster chats! Color Roles for all your color needs! Our features: - SFW and NSFW Channels. - SFW and NSFW Voice chats. - Little Space and Brat channels. - 100+ roles.little-space. sfw-agere/petre. Kai’s littlespace server. This server is a safe place for everyone littles, caregivers, pets, lgbtq+, systems and any one who needs a safe space. This server is 100% sfw. We have fun stuff to do, We have amazing lovely members, Custom rooms, and other amazing and cool stuff to do!!!! ^^.See a recent post on Tumblr from @crissiebaby about little space. Discover more posts about little, age regression, agere little, sfw little community, age regressive, age regressor, and little space.

Welcome to Little Safe Space 18+ only server This is a safe space for little's and CG's to meet and make new friends. we have games and a lot of wonderful mods. with a dedicated providing a safe space for all our members. Some of the Features: * 18+ only server *Little Space *Digital Pet *Voice Chats *Vent Corner ***and much much more :)About The Server: This is a modded minecraft server with a multitude of mods, including advanced rocketry, buildcraft, rftools, tinker's construct, and more. If you are interested in large infrastructure projects in survival modded minecraft, join our discord server to get a better understanding of the culture of our server.

sleep-anxiety. Welcome to Insomnia Island (๑・̑ ・̑๑) We are a sleep disorder server that is little space friendly. — {🐸} Lots of Self Roles. — {🐣} Little Space Section. — {🐝} Game Bots. — {🦋} Sleep Calls. 💕§ All are Welcome §💕. This is a new server that’s still in development, so please keep that in mind.We have created a selection of tags to let you easily find the emojis for your server! Blobs Cat Panda Happy Sad Anime Crying Laughing Cute Pepe Gaming Crypto Furry Memes Thinking Purple Blue Red Animated Celebrity Utility Hentai Role Icons Aesthetic Orange Head Logo Neko Dancing Blurple Party. Discord & Slack Emoji List, easily browse and use ...Abdl apocalypse Role-play. In the year 2050, Diaper wearing and usage has been normalized by society completely. While some choose to not wear, many do, and therefore the rise of the ABDL fetish has grown significantly. However, slowly but surely an unknown man has micro-chipped everyone on earth secretly. This man has god-like abilities on all ...AusChat - Australia. Australia's premier discord server, with quality members and quality chat. AusChat is an exclusive server featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted, about all things Australian, and everything beyond. AusChat is a great place to meet new people and make friends in a relaxed atmosphere where it soon feels like a ...Hey there! I am very new to all of this: I had not thought about littles/ageplay/abdl etc. much at all before last year, when I met a wonderful woman…Read 🐩little space Discord server🐩 from the story Agere And Petre For Starters (2023) by GravityFaller21 (Alex Ward) with 306 reads. agere, little, agereandp...Hello Little Ones! This is a 16+ CGL server. This server is strictly SFW and meant for meeting more friends. We are not a dating server! We offer active VCs, Music Bots, Confession Bots, Selfie Channels, Stuffie Channels, Little's area, coloring area, color roles, and more! We want to make a safe space for everyone, so come on in and meet ... 1. Swear words are allowed but not to be used toward anyone in a negative way. 2. What is said in the vent rooms says in the vent rooms, that means no gossiping. 3. No attacking or making anyone feel uncomfortable in private dms, if you get attacked or feel uncomfortable dm an ower w proof. 4. No fighting or bullying. 5. be yourself.

Own a discord server interested in space? Bored of manually sending launch reminders and events? Want to lay back? Interstellar is the bot for you! Invite Interstellar Discord Server. 0 Discord Servers use Interstellar. We're the top choice for a bot to run a space-enthusiast community. Interstellar's wide range of features make it extremely ...

playground slide playground slide Slide into DMs flirt smooth playtime children fun time play slippery slope slide down descent sliding down going down downwards slippery playful kindergarten playschool playgroup fun park recreation swing jungle gym.

looking for a calming server to join? here’s the place:) make new friends + more’ here are some things we offer:: • roles • non-toxic community •truth or dare bot (SFW) •little+ caregiver + switch chat rooms along with roles •nitro give aways starting soon •looking for mods. * the server is 14+* it’s pretty new but i worked very hard on it.. i hope to see you there☂️ ...You could try the agere community but I know there's a sfw littlespace Reddit here. Honestly, I don't really like the agere community. It's like walking on eggshells and you're always trying to accommodate to everyone, additionally there's lotsa minors and it's an excuse for minors to get involved with adults in caregiver/little roles.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow is a public discord server listing. Find public discord servers and communities here! Advertise your Discord server, and get more members for your awesome community! Come list your server, or find Discord servers to join on the oldest server listing for Discord!Discord Servers( 98) المولى المقدس. 7,223. Active-Development. Albania. +9. Very Friendly Server That Hosts Music, Talkshow And Interactive Event Shows, With Music Bots & Fun Bots To Hangout With. Gacha Content Creators ┊$10 NITRO GIVEAWAY + INSTANT Self • Promo ┊☁. 5.191. 65. AnkleBiter450. • • 1 day ago. This is my two headed bunny friend. One side is named Blue and the other is berry, like blue berry. You have to be nice to them because some people call them scaryಠ⁠ ⁠೧⁠ ⁠ಠ. 180.♡♡⋆⁘⋄. ───∾⋆ ⋆∾─── .⋄⁘⋆♡♡ 🌱♡ The Cottage Lounge ˜"°•.🍄˜"°• 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚞𝚜 •°"˜🍄.•°"˜ 『 』 We are a new up and coming server, with a lofi x cottage•core Themed layout 『 』We are a strictly 18+server, We have a general Longue everyone to join and hangout but we also feature a little space area (100% ...If not, you can ask your server’s owner to grant it to you. Step 2: Head to your Server Settings. On Desktop, click on your server name to open the dropdown menu, and select Server Settings. On Mobile, swipe left to your channel view, and tap your server name and select Server Settings. Step 3: Go to the Emoji tab and Upload! From Server ...The Best Pedo Discord Servers. Below you can check 1 result. Categories. Find and Join the best Pedo Discord Servers on the largest Discord Server collection on the planet.

A Discord Server List such as Discadia is a place where you can advertise your server and browse servers promoted by relevance, quality, member count, and more. How do I join a Discord server? Discord Invite URLs are used to join Discord servers. Discadia provides "Join" buttons, click that button to join a server. Note: The invite for a ...Vixen is totally intoxicating, and people on this server are extremely inviting and friendly. It is innovative and fresh, just plain hot. Whatever you are looking for, gaming, friends, connection, all of the above and more is exactly what you will find on Vixen Vibes. You can end your exhaustive search, you have found the best server for you!Hello! I'm Kat/Katherine, I'm looking for a long-term caregiver. ˏˋ°•*⁀ ˚ · . ˚ · . ˚ · . Name/Nicknames: Kat/Katherine //petnames preferred Little Age: 3-8 How often am I little: I haven't regressed in a while How often am I active: quite a lot What am I like as a Little: I require A LOT of attention and reassurance, I can ask for it but most of the time it's indirect or I won't ...About Server. A Safe little space for all involved or interested in CG/L or ageplay Dynamics. ?? We are a active server with 100+ friendly members and an amazing mod …Instagram:https://instagram. rise mundelein photos33 kilmer rd edison nj 08817terra at norcross apartmentsposterior depression on the distal humerus Discord Servers( 224) Very Friendly Server That Hosts Music, Talkshow And Interactive Event Shows, With Music Bots & Fun Bots To Hangout With. gooby (reopening + revamp!) gooby is a sfw and nontoxic server with nitro giveaways, paid promos, fun emojis, and so much more 🍄. German Server! ꔫ・Mental Health・Safe Space・Venting・Deep Talk ... surfchex wilmington ncaccuweather pennington nj Welcome to Belle's babies. We are a 13 + server for cg, flips, littles, pet regressors and supporters. What we offer: -channels to find cg, little and flips. -babysitter channel. -plural kit bot (for systems only) - story time. We have a simple verification process to keep all the bad people out and to keep everyone in the server safe. how many horsepower is a 212cc engine 4 | An all together friendly environment! . 5 | A server that is strictly 14+ . 6 | Very thought out, easy to understand and original lore, crafted by the owner and her staff over the years! . 7 | A small, semi-active server that is slowly growing …List of Discord servers tagged with littlespace. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! ... Hello to the 🦖𝒟𝒾𝓃ℴ 𝒞𝒶𝓋ℯ🦖 We are an Dino themed Little Space server What we over 🦖Self roles 🦖 lgbtq/System friendly 🦖 Age rank between 14-25 🦖a lot of fun channels and bots 🦖Babysitter Channels 🦕 ...Discord Servers little Discord servers tagged with little. Tags similar to little. littlespace (978) agere (1697) age ... we are a upcoming little space sever we hope to create a safy space for little care giver alike and we support systems and endos systems but they require looking into first also were lgbtq+ friendly so don't be shy to ...